Tomatoes in the greenhouse

May 22, 2016
View of the greenhouse from the garden
Freshly planted striped cavern and mystery tomatoes

I finally got tomatoes planted in the greenhouse on the farm today!

Jasper tilled the dirt with well-rotted manure and sand, and then we buried coils of soaker hose around each plant.  The hose will  be connected to a timer, and it will hopefully turn on twice a day for about 10 minutes.  Tomatoes like a little amount of water, but often.  Too much water, or watering infrequently, will often cause the tomato’s fruit to split it’s skin.  This is the first time I’ve ever grown anything in a greenhouse though, so I’ll adjust the amount of water if it seems to be too little or too much.

In the ground are three “striped cavern” tomatoes from seed I bought six years ago and carried with me through all the various moves we’ve had to make in that time.  I didn’t get to grow these when I bought them, because that was the summer I was heavily pregnant with my first daughter, and I just didn’t have the oompf to grow from seed that year.  I’m really hoping these do good, because Jasper and I LOVE stuffed tomatoes and these would be perfect for that!  There are also three mystery tomato plants that my father-in-law dropped off.  Two of them are potato leaf varieties, and the other is maybe some kind of a cherry tomato?  There’s really no way to know until their fruit ripens, so I guess I’ll just have to wait.

My FIL also dropped off a Serrano pepper plant.  You know what that means?   Half-way to homemade salsa!

Have any of you grown tomatoes (or peppers) in a greenhouse?  What are some tips you could give me?


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