The Sun Came Out

May 11, 2017

0510 garden0510 blueberriesFor four glorious days the sun shone.  It’s back to raining today, and for the next few days, but that’s OK.  We soaked it up while it lasted.

Jasper mowed the garden, and I planted my Butterbush butternut and Chiffon zucchini starts where the Walla Walla onions had been before they were all unceremoniously washed out by bad weather.  What I really needed to do was weed-eat and till, but we only have an electric trimmer and tiller here, and no electricity (the lines got moved to a temporary pole for construction, and I don’t have any extension cords long enough to reach).  Instead I had to content myself with just sitting in the warm sunshine and gazing at the garden.

It was tough.

0510 carrots0510 lettuce0510 pepperInside the greenhouse, everything is growing great.  The lettuce is pretty much ready to start harvesting, and my first sowing of Scarlet Nantes carrots are up.  Time to plant the next round.  I think I’ll mix things up a little and do Red Cored Chantenay.

The nightshades are all doing well, too.  I’ll need to set up the tomato supports soon, as they are growing so fast.  I was a little worried about planting them out in April, but it seems to have worked out fine.  Lots of growth, and lots of flowers.  I think at this rate I’m going to have ripe tomatoes in June again!

I’m also growing sweet peppers and eggplants this year.  I haven’t grown them in years, not since we moved up from Roseburg where the summers were consistently hot, and I’m excited to have them again.  I started my seeds back in March, and they’re just starting to put out their flowers now.

Thank god for the greenhouse.  Even if four days of sun is all we get, even if I never do get that garden tilled up, at least we’ve got a little space to grow.

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