Notes | 6.26.17

June 28, 2017

0627 catmint.jpgOnly two eggs today.  Utterly ridiculous.  I don’t think they’re eating them, but I do think they’re hiding them somewhere.  The question, of course, is WHERE?!

I also planted pink catmint (nepeta nervosa) and purple coneflowers (echinacea purpurea) in a new flowerbed on the farm.  I’m so excited to see them grow.  Regular catmint, Walker’s Low, is one of my favorites, so I was ecstatic to see this different variety at the store.  It doesn’t seem to have the same smell as Walker’s Low, and the flowers are dissimilar in that they’re clustered along a bulbous head instead of singly along the stalk.  But.  They’re catmint.  I still expect raucous blooms and for my cats to be delighted by them.

Elsewhere, the blueberries on the bushes have turned purple but not blue yet.  The raspberries are doing well also, rebounding after getting rather eaten by the deer earlier in the month.  The marionberries though!  They are so abundant this year!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many marionberries before, and I’m not sure why they’re doing so well when everything else has done so poorly.  A quirk of the universe; the vagary of the gods, I suppose.


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