Nest Watch: Sad and Happy Things

May 23, 2017

0523 nest.jpgThings are always happening on the farm.  Plants and animals are growing, the house is coming along, the grounds are getting cleared.  Every day there are new things to discover.

Sadly, they’re not always good things.

Nest Watch 2017 is over.  The starling chicks are dead.  I hadn’t checked on them for more than a week for fear of scaring the mother, so I don’t know when it happened.  One of the chicks was tiny, the size of when it hatched, and it was stuffed down through the nest materials clear at the bottom of the box.  The other two were much bigger and starting to feather, their abdomens nice and plump, but dead nonetheless.  I can only guess that something happened to the mother bird, and the two big babies just got too cold.  A sorry end, even if they were starlings.

Happily though, things are not all sad, either.

0523 birds 2

We found another nest, this one overflowing with healthy baby robins!

This nest is built in the unfinished doorway of the chicken coop.  It’s a pretty good spot as the coop is empty for now, and the branches of the cedar shade it and keep it from getting rained on.  And I’m thankful that this is a robin’s nest because they make new nests each year instead of reusing old ones.  Now I won’t feel bad when we have to knock it over to finish up the coop.

These sweet babes are fully feathered and ready to fledge, and hopefully all will be well for them.  It’s a tough world out there for little birds.  And for the people who watch them, too.


  • Hot Mess Homesteader

    May 25, 2017 at 11:44 am

    So sad about the nest! We watched a set of babies on my porch last year when we moved in. So now we have something up so we dont have a nest built there. Momma bird flogged us when we tried to use our door because thats where the nest was.

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