More Seeds From Baker Creek

January 30, 2018

After getting my first order in the mail from Baker Creek Heirloom seeds a couple of weeks ago, it seemed to me like it was missing a few varieties.  And sure enough, I’d completely forgotten to order some of the herbs I was planning on!  So, into the proverbial cart went:

  • White Horehound
  • Basil, ‘Blue Spice’
  • Basil, ‘Lettuce Leaf’
  • Hyssop, ‘Korean’
  • Flower, ‘Monarda’ (Bee Balm)

Baker Creek also always sends a free packet of seeds, and with both of my orders I got Black Vernissage tomatoes.  I’m happy to try them, but I’ve already allocated all the room in the greenhouse to other tomato varieties I’m more excited about.  So, I’ll plant these outside and cross my fingers that it’s a warm summer.  Also, I’ve read a lot of reviews on this tomato, and the majority of them don’t have great things to say about the taste.  I’ll give them a fair shake though, and if I like them then they’ll get a chance in the greenhouse next year.

And now some thoughts on the herb garden:

I don’t think I shared it at the time, but last year during the tail end of summer I decided (on a whim) to start my perennial herb garden.  I bought two English lavender plants, some garlic chives, a lemon thyme, and a start of sweet marjoram.  I also planted out a root-bound chive plant that I’d had with me for a few years (and which has since done phenomenally!), and some transplanted echinacea.  There’s also true comfrey growing pretty much everywhere.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a huge space to work with if I stay within the confines of the existing brick raised beds, but I’m planning on clearing out space behind the beds as well.  It currently houses nothing but broken plastic pots, an old sink (of course), and a really very overgrown honeysuckle plant.  That will give me a good amount of space to work with, I think, for a nice beginner’s mix of edible and medicinal herbs.  Then in time, if I need to, I can figure out how and where to expand.

Gah!  I’m so excited for spring!


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