Late June on the farm

June 27, 2016

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I think of this as the easy time of year – the calm before the storm.  Everything has been planted, everything is growing of it’s own accord, the weeds are somewhat under control and nothing needs to be harvested yet, except the odd handful of early blueberries or native Oregon blackberries for snacking.  When we go to the farm now, it’s simply to gaze with appreciation at what we’ve managed to do with some seeds and a plot of empty ground.

I know, however, that this is just a blissful lull that can’t and won’t last long.  In fact, it’s probably over as I’m writing this!

It rained off and on last week, and the temperatures are expected to be warmish this coming week.  The Lincoln (Homesteader) and Blue-Podded shelling peas are just on the verge of being ripe for the picking, and I’m sure the rain and subsequent warmth are going to push them over the edge.  I know it’s weird, but I’ve always found peeling potatoes and shelling peas to be really pleasant tasks.  I don’t know how nice or romantic I’ll find it in a week or two when I’m literally doing it every day, plus blanching and freezing them, but I’m committed now and there’s no backing out.

And one last thing I wanted to note is that I was right, and the honeybees are LOVING the radishes I let go to flower.  I think it’s filling a bit of a void for them, since most of the earlier flowers are gone now, and a lot of the later flowers (sunflowers, etc) haven’t bloomed yet.

The only thing I wonder about is how does radish honey taste?


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