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June 3, 2016
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Reading in the garden: Life’s greatest pleasure

Besides gardening, my other great love in life is reading.  Reading in the garden, well, there are times I would sell my children to the circus for just an hour of that simple pleasure.

I used to be a inexhaustible reader, and would sometimes juggle two or three books at once.  I was that kid, in high school English class, who read the entire assigned book when just the first chapter was due.  I used to read anywhere, everywhere, anytime I didn’t have to pay attention to something else.  And then … I had babies.

I developed postpartum depression after having Avery, my first child, and unfortunately it went undiagnosed until I had my second child.  During that time, I really lost the desire to do anything but survive the day, and even when I managed to find a book I was interested in, I just couldn’t concentrate enough to remember much about it.  Thankfully, after Iris was born, my doctor put me on some medication that made life good again.  I wanted to read!  I wanted to read all the books!  And I certainly tried.  But even when you’re not depressed, just keeping babies alive and happy takes up most of your time.  So I still wasn’t reading as much as I wanted to.

Now that the girls are finally almost 6 and 4, they don’t require the constant care and attention they used to.  While they’re off riding bikes or playing in the yard, I’m going to be reading!  My goal is to read at least one book each week.  I tend toward heavier reading, so that’s a fair goal, but I’ve been known to throw some lighter fare into my rotation, too.  And of course I’m going to count the chapter books I read to the girls, because we pick some awesome ones!

At the beginning of the month I’ll let you know what’s on my reading list, and at the end of the month I’ll give a recap of my progress and maybe a short review as well.  So, without further ado, here’s what I’m reading!

UntitledCurrently reading:

  • The Story of Land and Sea by Katy Simpson Smith
  • Angus and Sadie by Cynthia Voigt

To be read:

  • Into the Heart of the Country by Pauline Holdstock
  • I Shall Be Near to You by Erin Lindsay McCabe
  • Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Want to get in on the fun?  Let me know what’s on your reading list this month by commenting, or linking up to your blog post.


  • jennybakerbee

    June 10, 2016 at 3:23 am

    I remember you were always reading or writing something in high school, one of the things I liked most about you 🙂 Do you find books through the library or online? Currently I’m reading A River Runs Through It, I’m trying to go through some classics after reading a few recently published books.

    1. sproutandsprig

      June 10, 2016 at 3:58 pm

      Right now I’m trying to get through a bunch of books I haven’t read that I have on our bookshelves, but I also have a book waiting for me at the library. I buy waaaay too many books on Amazon, because, as you might imagine, the library here doesn’t have that much of a selection. Although I do think they’re getting closer to finalizing plans for the new library and adding a bunch more books 🙂

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