Choosing the Best Oscillating Sprinkler for Watering Your Lawn

Do you want your lawn to be healthy without wasting water? If yes, then it’s time for you to invest in an oscillating sprinkler.

However, just like any other product out there, you need to consider several factors in choosing the best one for your needs.

Choosing the Best Oscillating Sprinkler for Watering Your Lawn

Almost one-third of residential water use relies on landscape irrigation, so it’s no surprise why you are one of the people who are looking for the best oscillating sprinkler to water their lawn.

Oscillating Sprinkler Overview

As the name suggests, an oscillating sprinkler produces fan-like water that moves back and forth. This kind of sprinkler comes with individual jets so that the water coming out of it goes up and dawn across large square areas.

One of the most interesting things about this sprinkler is that its pulse or spray pattern is easy to adjust. That way, it can reach even the hard to reach areas in your lawn. In other words, an oscillating sprinkler is what you need if you want to water your lawn gently with full coverage.

How Does Oscillating Sprinkler Work?

How Does Oscillating Sprinkler Work?

In order for an oscillating sprinkler to work, a hose is being attached to the connector. Since it comes with a know, it’s a lot easier for you to choose the spray pattern you want, be it full, left, right, or center. From the knob, a small arm is connected. You will find a heart-shaped design cam, and it is accountable for pushing and pulling that small arm

If you are a little familiar with an oscillating sprinkler, then you might notice that their spray arms have an aluminum tube that contains holes. But, as for other oscillating sprinklers, you will find nozzles on the tube.

The spray arm of this sprinkler is screwed to the body and comes with a ferrule containing an O-ring seal. Once you turned on the water, the water will flow all the way to the spray arm and reach the aluminum tube. Lastly, it will come out of the holes or nozzles.

Mind that there are plenty of oscillating sprinkles available on the market, so it would be overwhelming for you to decide which one will suit your needs. That is why the following factors will help you choose the best oscillating sprinklers for watering your lawn.

Choosing the Best Oscillating Sprinkler

Ease of Use

Look for an oscillating sprinkler that can be easily attached to the hose. If it is complicated to operate, you will have a hard time watering your lawn.

You also need to ensure that you can easily turn it on and off. You may look for the one that has a timer so that it automatically turns off at a predetermined time.

Coverage Area

One of the deciding factors in choosing the best oscillating sprinkler and how many of them you will need is the coverage area. After measuring your lawn, you will have an idea of how much area will each sprinkler cover. On average, a single sprinkler should cover about 20-30 feet.

Mind that an oscillating sprinkler is designed for small lawns. In case your lawn has a large area of coverage, then this type of sprinkler is not for you.


An oscillating sprinkler that requires low maintenance is a great option. Instead of wasting so much time doing some maintenance stuff, you can just focus on watering your lawn efficiently. When the time comes that you need to reassemble or disassemble your sprinkler, you should do it with ease.


Not all brands of oscillating sprinkler promise durability. So, before you settle in a particular oscillating sprinkler, make sure that it looks and feels sturdy and could last for a long time. Make sure to select the one that can overcome extreme weather conditions. Once you picked a sprinkler that can last for several years, you can save a significant amount of money.

Take a look at the construction, materials, and design for these things will help you determine quality. When compared to plastic, aluminum could last longer. To avoid quick wear and tear, choose oscillating systems with gears and cogs that are made from high quality and tough materials.

In order for you to have a better idea of determining the quality of particular oscillating sprinkles, you can read customer reviews and feedback.

Price and Warranty

Go for an oscillating sprinkler that offers value for money and is cost-efficient. That way, you water your lawn effectively without the need to break the bank. Do not forget the warranty and a two-year warranty is reasonable enough.


With oscillating sprinkles, you can keep your lawn healthy and top shape, especially during hot weather. So, buying yourself an oscillating system is a smart investment. You simply have to ensure that you will buy the one that perfectly matches your unique needs.

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