• Getting in the Garlic

    October 15, 2018

    Setting in the garlic is the final crescendo and the overture of the next movement all in one   I know the season is really and truly at it’s end when I tuck the garlic into the ground. Even if there are still chores to be accomplished — and there are most definitely a lot of them —…

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  • Protect Plants in the Winter Months

    October 8, 2018

    Keeping your perennials and other landscape plants alive throughout long harsh winters is possible with these simple tips   I don’t know about the weather where you are, but here in the Pacific Northwest it’s fall for sure and good. If you tend a garden like I do, whether it’s in a small suburban backyard…

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  • Getting Ready for Autumn on the Farm

    September 6, 2018

    We’ve had a great summer, but the time flies quickly.  The girls are back to school, the garden is being harvested and preserved, and the weather has turned downright chilly in the morning. It’s time to start thinking about getting ready for autumn. It’s so easy to have a stunning garden during the summer while…

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