• A Trek into the Greenhouse

    July 9, 2018

    It is, quite literally, a jungle in there. I’ve been growing tomatoes in this greenhouse for a few years now – five or six at least – and I don’t know why but I’m always surprised by how big the tomatoes grow.  Gargantuan.  Twice as big as they could ever get when grown outside here…

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  • Time to Prune Chives for New Growth

    July 7, 2018

    One of the easiest herbs to grow, pruning chives after flowering will encourage new growth   This time of the year, everything in the garden is growing frantically.  The corn is almost knee-high, and the peas are falling over under their own weight.  Many of the cooler-weather crops are done already, like the spring brassicas…

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  • Blackberries and Life Lessons

    July 2, 2018

    Summer is rolling over us.  July is here. The days are filled with picking weeds and folding laundry, shelling peas and preparing meals.  Eyeing the dirt and the straw tracked in on shoes and paws, despairing of ever getting it under control. The soundtrack is bickering.  All day and a good chunk of the evening…

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  • Weeds, Peas, and other Happenings

    June 30, 2018

    They say that kids grow like weeds, and certainly mine are these days. Growing in height. Growing in knowledge. Growing in confidence. And growing, exponentially, in sass. But for all that I don’t think they grow nearly anywhere as fast as the actual weeds! You might like: Late June on the Farm I don’t know…

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  • Welcome to the Farm, Little Chicks

    June 26, 2018

    Our flock of chickens got a little bigger over the last week: Mama May hatched two bouncing baby chicks! Last year was the first year we ever had chicks hatch on the farm.  Prior to that we didn’t (a) have a rooster and (b) that’s really the only reason.  Then one of our young pullets…

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