Hi!  Welcome to my website!

I’m Lacey, and I’m so pleased to meet you!

I am a wife, a mama, a lover of all the animals, and a fledgling homesteader/sustainable smallholder. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, on the Northern Oregon coast (zone 8 a/b), and I’ve been gardening organically for the past 14 years.

My family and I live on a beautiful (but sort-of run down) 40-acre piece of land tucked into a forested hillside.  We built a new farmhouse last year, and now we’re working to reestablish the rest of it as a living, breathing farm with a focus on sustainability.  We picture it complete with large, organic, no-till gardens and a root cellar full of our own homegrown and preserved foods.  We want to bring new life to the fields, to the orchard, to the outbuildings, and to our own selves.  We want to teach our children the joy of meaningful work, the cycles of life and nature, and how to provide for themselves in a precarious and ever-changing world.

We want to live our lives here; with mud on our boots, dirt under our fingernails, happy animals roaming fertile fields and good food in our bellies.

A life spent together, living well and living simply.

About Home & Harrow

I started Home & Harrow because I wanted to build a community of like-minded people; people who care about growing and eating good food, raising animals with compassion, supporting community, and who are hoping to foster a deeper, more sustainable, and mindful connection with the Earth.

I also wanted a fitting place to share my journey and teach others what I know.  I blogged for two years under a different domain, but it started to feel like I had made myself a very narrow niche there.  I wanted to open my focus and talk about more than just gardening.  Our life journey is all about change, and so I’m embracing my evolution to this space.  My most fervent hope is that what I produce here, from my real-life homesteading dreams and travails, to my harvest recipes and natural home care, will inspire others in their own lives.

At Home & Harrow you’ll find informative and (hopefully!) useful articles about:

  • Sustainable gardening
  • How to care for farm animals
  • Natural living
  • Pet care and wellness
  • Wholesome, easy recipes
  • How to preserve and use your harvest
  • Holistic DIY cleaning
  • Books and products worth having

You’ll also find my farm journal where I share stories about my farm, my home, my husband and my girls.  I write about my life there.  The journey we’re on, the mistakes we make, the triumphs we fight for.  It’s messy business, but I try my best to make it entertaining.

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Welcome to Home & Harrow!