A Little Bit of Progress …

May 12, 2017

0511 site.jpg… goes a long way.

Just yesterday, this was the remains of the basement.  It was a foundation and melted glass and charred metal and rubble.  Lots and lots of rubble.

But today, it’s this!  I know, I know.  It’s just a muddy, almost-filled hole.  But to us, it’s really an amazing sight.  It’s headway.  It’s improvement!  It’s progress!

The next step is to meet with our builder and mark out where, exactly, the house is going to be situated and then to start building the forms for the foundation cement.  Well, actually the next step is for us to tear down that long shed that is just to the right of this photo, since the future garage will be built in that area.  Jasper and I are supposed to go start that particular project today.  In the rain.  Yay.

Hopefully that part will go as quickly as the excavation work did!

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