2018 Gift Guide for Moms who Love to Garden!

May 8, 2018

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is right around the corner
Show your mama (or yourself!) some love with these great garden gifts


Here’s the truth: Being a mama is hard.

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show the garden-loving moms in your life (whether your own, the mother of your children, your grandmother, your furbaby mama, or just women who mean the world to you) some love and appreciation for all the hard work they do or have done over the years.

Disclosure: This post contains some affiliate links which help support Home & Harrow, but which won’t affect you in any way (other than earning you my eternal gratitude!)

I have to note that I hate to give into the capitalistic obsession of buying things for every holiday.  Much better of course is time and connection, moments and experiences.  But sometimes of course that’s just not possible.  If that’s the case for you, then here are some gift ideas that the mama in your life will be able to use and appreciate, and which will also help small and local artists, companies and organizations.

2018 Gift Guide for Moms who Love to Garden!

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Live Plants and Seeds

If your mom loves to garden, then what she would probably love most of all are living plants.  Not cut flowers in a bouquet from the grocery store, but flowers she can put into the ground.  Or flower seeds so that come August she can cut them herself.  Because there is nothing a gardening mama loves more than getting her hands dirty.

Check out local nurseries and garden centers for bright blooms, lush vegetables, or stately trees that your mom can enjoy year after year.  Remember that flowers marked “annual” will die in the fall, while those marked “perennial” will keep coming back.

If you decide to go with seeds, make sure to buy from reputable companies that offer organic, open source and non-GMO seed varieties.

I’ve got a nice list of seed companies I love, but my favorite for Mother’s Day is Botanical Interests.  They offer a huge selection of flower, herb and vegetable varieties, and their packets are like little works of art.  You won’t even need to wrap them!


Mother's Day Gift Guide

The Joey Apron

This apron is so cool!  Any moms in your life would be sure to love the extra set of hands that this apron basically is.

It’s a great place to stash your tools as you move about in the garden, a place to put the flowers and vegetables that you harvest, or a spot to store weeds as you pull them.  The pouch can be filled up, then when it’s time to empty it out you can just unhook the straps from the plastic hooks and the entire bottom opens up.

The Joey Apron (and the full-sized Roo Apron) are made of industrial strength cotton, with a water-resistant nylon storage pouch.  It’s completely machine washable and one size should fit all.

So cool!  I’m fan-girling over the Joey Apron over here!


Mother's Day Gift Guide

CobraHead Original Weeder & Cultivator

This little tool is hands-down my favorite tool for working in the garden, and odds are it will be your mom’s favorite, too!

I used to juggle a cultivator, a hoe and a trowel when I went out to work in the yard, but now this is the only tool I use because it is all of these things in one.  It weeds, cultivates, scalps, edges, digs, furrows, plants, transplants, de-thatches, and harvests easily.

The blade design breaks up and plows almost any soil, while the handle allows easy left-hand or right-hand action.

The Cobrahead comes with a one year unconditional warranty, and is made with tempered steel blade and recycled composite handle.  To top it all off, this tool is made in Wisconsin, USA!

Your mom might look a little side-eyed at this very utilitarian present at first, but soon she’ll be singing it’s (and your) praises while out digging.  I promise!


Mother's Day Gift Guide

Gardeners Scrubbing Soap

Let’s face it: when you love to garden, your hands get dirty.

I used to worry about my nails, trying to keep them long and polished, despairing that I was never going to be a hand model.  Now, I don’t care.  My nails are cut short, polish is a thing of the past, and all I worry about anymore is that my hands aren’t caked with mud when I go out and about.

If the mom in your life is anything like me, she will so appreciate some good scrubbing soap! I know it’s not fancy or particularly sexy, but scrubbing soap can feel so luxurious after a day with your hands wrist-deep in compost.

This scrubbing soap by Botanical Interests is made of organic sunflower oil, organic coconut oil, organic palm fruit oil, organic flax seed oil, organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter, french lavender essential oil, Surchoix lavender flowers, and titanium dioxide (natural colorant).  It’s also vegan, and not tested on animals, which is a major plus in my book.

Your mom would also appreciate a good hand and nail brush (like this one) to get all the dirt out from under her nails and in the creases of her hands.  I use mine every day, all day!


Mother's Day Gift Guide

Handmade Reusable Shopping Bag

If your mama is a gardener, then she probably understands the power of good food grown locally, and the importance of embracing sustainability.

She will love gathering her harvest or going to the farmer’s market with this handmade reusable tote/grocery bag printed with an originally drawn design!

The bag is made of durable heavy-duty canvas and measures 14″x 18″ x7″.  The artwork is printed with a direct-to-garment printer and can washed in the washing machine without fading.

Jill and Kayla Haupt are a mother-daughter duo living in Kalona, Iowa, and they are a small family business built around a love of all things handmade and simple living.  They recently bought a farm and are starting a CSA.  I don’t know them personally, but I love their vision, their work ethic and the love that they obviously have for each other.

You can see all their handmade products and read more about their family at Under a Tin Roof.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Haws Traditional Metal Watering Can

If you really, really love your mama you will present her with this beauty.

I know it looks like just a regular old watering can, but this is a Haws watering can.  It’s ergonomically balanced, so you can carry it comfortably even when it’s completely filled (and it’s domed lid means you won’t spill any water!)

Haws has been crafting watering cans with the same original design since 1886 in England, using expert workmanship and materials.

Additionally, Haws watering cans come with a 10-year guarantee.

I’ve had a plastic Haws watering can for over 10 years, and it’s still going strong.  It’s easy to fill and carry and I would personally recommend them to everyone.  In fact, that’s what I’m doing!

If your mom has only ever used a cheap watering can, you will blow her mind and improve her gardening life with one of these.  Plus, they are quaint and charming and double as beautiful yard art.  If this one is too big, there are many different sizes, shapes and colors to choose from (like this one and this one).  She will love it!


I hope you found some inspiration for showing the garden-loving
mom in your life some love this Mother’s Day!


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Mother's Day Gift Guide

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